I started coming to Kath during my pregnancy and always felt she listened and really helped with my aches and pains. Kath always strives to make sure you are fully comfortable and I always left relaxed and ached free. I am now doing a baby massage course with my little man and he is really enjoying it and benefiting from it greatly. It relaxes him into a really deep sleep and I am hoping the tummy massage we learnt today will have a positive effect for him as well. I would highly recommend Kath to anyone. Thanks Kath
January 2016

I have visited Kath for treatments a number of times and it is a pleasure to recommend her services. She is always cheerful and professional, and great at putting you at ease, as well as considering your individual needs and preferences. Her treatments are unhurried, relaxing and enjoyable and I always come away feeling super chilled out!
November 2015

I have known Kathryn for many years and was fully aware of her new venture into holistic therapies but I didn’t ever think to try them out. However, I caught up with Kathryn at a very stressful time in my life and decided to give it a go!

Kathryn informed me about the various treatments and then allowed me to make up my own mind as to which one might suit me; I tried several different ones before deciding that reflexology was the best one for me at the moment. I had no idea how powerful it could be and after only a few treatments I feel much more resilient to deal with the work/life pressures.

Kathryn is very professional and remains confidential, she listens and doesn’t judge and I trust her implicitly. It could be very difficult having treatment from someone who knows you very well but Kathryn makes me feel at ease and comfortable. I just wish I had been to see her earlier!
July 2014

I’ve been to see Kath once a month for some time now, usually for a full body massage, starting out as a “practice body” when she was still training.

I usually schedule my visits following a running event as I am a regular middle/long distance runner, and she has always sorted out the inevitable twinges and helped me recover quicker. I’ve also had reflexology a few times and have now had my first hot stones massage which was a lovely treatment particularly on a wet and cold winter’s day.

Kath’s approach is caring and intelligent and I recommend her highly.
January 2013

Prior to visiting Kath for the first time I was really struggling. Training for a marathon had been going really badly and I was being hit with a wave of injuries. Time was starting to run out as pulls and strains were continually putting me behind schedule.

Coming to Kath seemed to be a turning point. I visited Kath on a weekly basis in the 10 weeks up to the race. It was fantastic. As I clocked up more and more miles it became vital for me to come and see Kath to help me relax and allow my muscles to unwind. (Sorry Kath if I nodded off a few times!) Seeing Kath became an essential part of my training plan and was a major factor in helping me to get over the finish line in just over 4 hours.
September 2012

Take Time is a great place to do just that. Kath takes the time and care to give you the treatment you want and the results are amazing. She has given me back and shoulder massages which have freed up considerable tension and enabled me to move much more freely. Kath has created a calm and relaxing environment where you really can take time for yourself, I have tried most of the treatments Kath offers and can highly recommend them all.
July 2012

I have been attending holistic therapy sessions with Kath Comitti for some fifteen months, receiving mainly full body massages with an emphasis on the lower back. I was looking for some form of ‘maintenance’ treatment to help me cope with my lower back pain and have found the massages offered by Kath in conjunction with some low level aerobics very helpful.

As a man in his mid 50’s, complementary therapy was a new area of treatment for me; however, Kath has always dealt with me in a professional, confident, friendly and polite manner which soon had me at my ease.

Each session begins with a discussion on my health and how I feel and then the treatment emphasis is modified to suit. The success of the treatments is undoubtedly due to Kath’s interest and concern for her clients. I’m sure Kath’s work has been instrumental in me now being able to live an active retirement.
June 2012